AASBEA was formed in 1996 in Washington, DC to provide information and services to facilitate the greater participation of minority, women, and immigrant-owned firms in international trade. Since then it has evolved into one of the premier organizations that provides information and advocacy for the development and expansion of global business by SME firms in the US and abroad. Core competencies include undertaking research to identify and explain best-case practice in industry sectors and business strategies undertaken by leading firms- AASBEA books codify and share this learning.

AASBEA draws on the extensive knowledge of and participation of the AASBEA team in global trading to shed light on “how to” understand and comply with trade policy and procedures, for importing and exporting, and global investment. Typical assignments include developing in-depth manuals that simply and explain US federal laws, regulations and procedures, and those of foreign countries, and providing services to develop Free Trade Zones, trade and investment Web portals, Webinars, workshops, and undertaking initiatives to link SMEs in trading and investment. Clients include government agencies, development institutions, and public and private firms in over 100 countries.

For more information, contact AASBEA President: Dr. Sharon T. Freeman at: INFO@AASBEA.COM

Dr. Sharon T. Freeman, President & CEO of AASBEA, is a successful entrepreneur who has been on the cutting edge of social change and innovative business development for almost three decades. A critical thinker and renowned researcher and social scientist, she often meets with world leaders to discuss problems of the day. Development institutions, foreign nations, the U.S. Government, and businesses around the world call on her for advice.

Having established her flagship company Lark-Horton Global Consulting, in Hong Kong in 1985, and AASBEA in 1996, she has since undertaken major development assignments in over 100 countries. She knows development and the world, and has a deep understanding of key issues pertaining to competitiveness and development from Asia to Africa, South America, Central America, Europe, to the South Pacific. If there are major policies issues, institutional and infrastructure development concerns, or a need for firm level assistance, the chances are that Dr. Freeman has been involved to lend her advice, from Macedonia to Malawi, Bahrain to Botswana, China to Costa Rica, Dr. Freeman has left her mark as one of the premier consultants in America in providing to address the pressing issues of the day.

Dr. Freeman lived and worked in Hong Kong for 12 years and previously served in the U.S. Diplomatic Service. A prolific author and publisher, Dr. Freeman has published 14 books and written 17 since 1999. Her books create a permanent record of lessons learned in development and impart gems of wisdom of world leaders and development and business stakeholders.

Recognized as a leading expert on the subject of trade and development, Dr. Freeman has been appointed to numerous U.S. Government boards including those of the Department of Commerce, the EXIM Bank, the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office, the Small Business Administration, and the Department of Energy. She has also won awards from leading business institutions and government agencies in recognition of her business and community leadership and business successes.


Peter H. Gebre, Vice President of the All American Small Business Exporters Association (AASBEA) in Washington, DC. Since 1998, he has worked with AASBEA and affiliate companies in providing a broad range of services aimed at helping small, minority, immigrant, and women-owned firms increase trade and investment linkages with Africa and to participate in the global procurements of international organizations. In so doing, he has drawn on a broad range of knowledge and experience he possesses in the mechanics and operations of trading and investing globally, and of the U.S. and small business communities in the U.S. and in Africa. Previously, he held various positions as an Economist with the Government of Ethiopia, and as the Department Head of the Macroeconomic Policy Analysis and Trade and Tourism Departments at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development in Ethiopia. Mr. Gebre is active in the business communities of both the U.S. and Ethiopia and holds a M.Sc., International Trade and Finance from Lancaster University (United Kingdom), and a B.A., Economics from Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia). He is the author of Making It in America: Conversations With Successful Ethiopian American Entrepreneurs (2004). Washington, DC: AASBEA Publishers, a book that examines the experiences of Ethiopians in the Diaspora.


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